Wednesday, October 23, 2019

BOGSTOMP things are coming together!! Bryan Buswell KILLED it with the poster art again.
In his travels through artistic time and space Mr. Buswell has stumbled across a legendary figure and documents it here to celebrate our event.
(click for full flyer)

Legend has it....

He is an astroknight. His breath curdles and vaporizes in the harsh Mars atmosphere. He is on a mission. A mission to search and destroy. He is a ranger of sorts, more vigilante... more outcast survivor in the harsh martian ether. His existence is harsh and heavy. Our astroknight's name is Hazel.

Hazel is riding a gelding; a gelding named Stigvard. Stigvard has four heads because it is easier to genetically modify four heads onto a horse than to increase a horses brain mass by four times though the latter was attempted at terrible cost to society. This terrible large-brained creation spawned an invasive super-species. A "horse" with some brains and a lot of f****d up emotions. These things are colloquially known as Bidduams (Pronounced Beed-dah-oom). Genetic Pirates are are to blame for the Biddaums neglectful release. This is the heaviness Hazel battles, or hunts, or is hunted by depending on the year. It is a race; a race for sanctity on mars. A race for a forgotten dream of peace.

For this most-holy race Stigvard has been retrofitted for dunes and rowdy brapping and as they roar across the space-scape our astroknight Hazel knows this is his last mission.... 
He is enjoying the moment, because it is his last.

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